Need a 3d graphics api callable from a VB.Net application

Hi all,

I need a 3-d graphics API whose functions I can call from a VB.Net application that I am trying to build.

The functions that I need are:

1) Draw a translucent sphere.
2) Plot points within the sphere given the x,y,z coordinates.
3) At each point, put a little label next to it.
4) Need to be able to differentiate between points further back or closer up in the sphere. I was thinking that perhaps closer points can be larger than further points, or something like that.
5) Rotate the sphere.
6) Zoom inside the sphere.
7) Allow the user to lasso points in the sphere which can be submitted to a separate function for processing. If not lasso, then at least somehow be able to select multiple points.
8) When the mouse rolls over a point withing the sphere, an event should be triggered that I can deal with (I want to pop up additional info about that point in a box on the side of the window).
9) There might be a total of 2000 points in the sphere, so the application shouldn't choke while rotating or zooming in/out. I guess 2000 isn't a lot, I think?
10) Should this application be browser based or standalone desktop application based? Well, there will only be less than 50 users, so I was thinking that a desktop application would be fine.
11) Can't use Javascript api's since some administrators may have disabled the use of Javascript in their company (due to virus security threats).
12) Some people have suggested Graphics Server 6, Flex, Direct 3d, etc. Will these work? Or is there something better?
13) I don't care if I have to pay up to $1000 for it. In fact, support would be nice if I have questions.
14) Google Earth api won't work since this is for lat/long points on the surface of a sphere....I need to get inside the sphere.
15) Would a game engine api be overkill?

Thanks so much,
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