help me! URGENT!

correct me if im wrong, im guessing that my pc was hit by a boot sector virus because of an infected flash disk(usb disk) with no warning what so ever... the blue screen system error appeared telling that i should remove any newly installed hardware from my system blahblahblah.... then upon reboot my hdd was not recognized by my cpu then i tried removing my memory card(RAM) for a while then plugin it in thinking that it just might work but it was no use i also tried reformatting my hdd but it just keeps coming back im sure the my hdd is functional... am i really hit by a boot sector virus?

is there an easy way to remove boot sector viruses? a friend told me that ESET nOd32 can do such thing? is it true? if not please suggest the easiest possible thing that i can do. THANKS and God Bless!

help help help me please
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