Help: Car game..

Hi ppl..
actually wrote a code for a car racing game..actually its stil a sort of car racing game..almost complete..jst left with the scoring n level change work..
i can do the menu designing later..

d problem m facing is dat since i wrote the code 6 months back n cudnt work on it thereafter, m now unable to understand the various variables i used in my program.can plz someone help me to understand my own source code? (sounds crazy..but thats d way it goes..just a help request..)

if someone is truly intrstd i wud upload my code..

P.S.-i joined PH today jst for d above assistance required..Hopes rhigh..



  • I'm sure someone is willing to peek at it if you post it.

    Lesson learnt is to give your variables and functions proper names, and to generously comment the code. Some have for example the poor habit of naming their variables a, b, c, tmp, tmp2, tmp3... and such nonsense.
  • Hi,
    I am ready to help you ..can you post your code in this forum such that i can analyse your code and help you.

  • Hi evryone..thnx for ur replies..actually hav worked it out..

    onethng remains in a racing game? how do udecide the win? m not able to close my game..hope u undrstand..close in dsense no win nono lose..d game keeps on going on..

    shud i post my code here?
    (dunno why i dont feel like posting my code on sites..)

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