Original Location on Sign-up page using Phpfoxmod

[b][italic][size=4]Purpose of PhpFoxMod [/size][/italic][/b] [italic][color=Green](Improve your Business[/color])[/italic]

[b][link=http://www.phpfoxmod.com/][color=Blue]PhpFoxMod.com[/color][/link][/b] is provide [b]several plug-in[/b] for your new or existing site. It is written in [b][link=http://www.softyram.com/php-developer.php][color=Blue]PHP[/color][/link][/b] and [b]Smarty[/b]. Purpose of [b][link=http://www.softyram.com/phpfox.php][color=Blue]Phpfox[/color][/link][/b] is integrated to your existing application [b]to improve your business[/b]. We provide you lots of innovative [b][link=http://www.phpfoxmod.com/][color=Blue]plug-in[/color][/link][/b] to your site. Our plug-in provides the interface between your site and your system without making any changes in your existing files. It can be [b][link=http://www.softyram.com/phpfox.php][color=Blue]upgraded[/color][/link][/b] and customized your site with latest version which will not affect our plug-in functionality. We can [b][link=http://www.softyram.com/phpfox.php][color=Blue]integrate[/color] [/link][/b]the plug-in with latest version so in future [b]no need to change your system[/b] or existing files in your site.

[size=4][italic]Original Location Mod[/italic][/size][/b]-[italic] [color=Green]Now it shows exact location while user sign-up the site.[/color][/italic]

[b][link=http://phpfoxmod.com/phpfox-mods/original-location/prod_294.html][color=Blue]Original Location on Sign-up[/color][/link][/b] page using phpfoxmod is one of our phpfox plug-in. Using of this mod, now user cannot write the exact location while signning-up your site. This mod display the
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