need help to search database contents and display result in data grid

hello ..

i really need ur help . i m making an assignment in vb6 and ms-access to search a database contents by cliking a command-button and display the results in datagrid and the records can be add, delete and modified aswell..

kindly send me the code
thanku m w8ing for ur reply


  • Personally, i prefer to help programmers who would have at least shown some effort in solving their problem. Anyway...i think what you need is to have a adodc control on your form. set the data source for the control to be text. Then when you click the button, refresh the control by sending a sql statement like [code]"select*from users where clue>0".[/code] Most likely,the where part is determined by what the system user would have put into a text box so you would have something like
    [code] "Select*from visitors where hometown='" & txtHometown.text & "'"[/code]

    obviously the adodc control will be the datasource for your datagrid. been sometime i last did this, but i guess i have pointed you in some direction
  • sir this is my effort attached here ..
    kindly tell me how to code it..
    following are the things i require to do:

    1- this roject will me machine independent as i want to run it on some other machines as exe project
    2-in form 2 , Add delete update functions for the customers are required thats easy to do

    3-but main prob is with data grid that i am using in form 3 to search the data base and display the output

    m waiting for your kind consideration
    thanku so very much
  • K...let me look at your code and will give you something
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