Send Mass Mail to User using PhpFoxMod

[b][italic][size=3]Purpose of PhpFoxMod[/size][/italic][/b]

[b][color=Blue][link=][/link][/color][/b] is provide [b]several plug-in[/b] for your new or existing site. It is written in [b][color=Blue][link=]PHP[/link][/color][/b] and [b]Smarty[/b]. Purpose of [b][color=Blue][link=]Phpfox[/link][/color][/b] is integrated to your existing application [b]to improve your business[/b]. We provide you lots of [b]innovative [/b][b][color=Blue][link=]plug-in[/link][/color][/b] to your site. Our plug-in provides the interface between your site and your system [b]without making any changes in your existing files[/b]. It can be [b][color=Blue][link=]upgraded[/link][/color][/b] and customized your site with latest version which will [b]not affect our plug-in functionality[/b]. We can [b][color=Blue][link=]integrate [/link][/color][/b]the plug-in with latest version so in future [b]no need to change your system[/b] or existing files in your site.
[size=3]Description of Send Mass Mail Mod[/size][/b]

[b][color=Blue][link=]Send Mass Mail to User[/link][/color][/b] is one of our [b][color=Blue][link=]phpfoxmod plug-in[/link][/color][/b]. Using of this mod, Administrator can send mail to his users at a time through admin part. Administrator can [b][color=Blue][link=]send mass mail[/link][/color][/b] to targeted set of users through this mod. Administrator can [b]send mail in group[/b] also. And this Group is created by administrator by using of [b][color=Blue][link=]phpfoxmod[/link][/color][/b].

Using this Mod will provide the [b]Administrator with a variety of ways to select users[/b]. Means administrator can send mail by selecting variety of ways to select users from TO: line (after installing this mod you can easily visible).

By [b][color=Blue][link=]phpfoxmod[/link][/color][/b], users of your site can be selected by the Administrator based on their demographic values. [b][color=Blue][link=]Demographic values[/link][/color][/b] means administrator can be selected users through gender, city, country, date of birth, etc. Below are some of the [b]outstanding features[/b] of this mod.

[b][size=3]Features of Send Mass Mail Mod:[/size][/b]

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