Daemon Gamepad Profiler

Alright so we all just lost Xpadder, for anyone who didn't know what it was it was a free program that allowed you to map controls on your gamepads to keyboard/mouse controls and etc. Anyways I am going to start working on my own Profiler that will be free and open source. This one will support many many more features!

I just got a new Joystick/Throttle gamepad that will work with Xpadder but it isn't 100%. For instance I have 3 8-way hat switches (actually it is four way and this would be called the D-Pad on game controllers) and well XPadder only supports one! I have two joysticks one is the giant one and the second on is a mini one for mouse movements however I can't get it to work with Xpadder(the mini one). But after that I have several individual axises that need to work individually but Xpadder doesn't agree with that.

Anyways it will provide support for the most complicated gamepads to the simple ones! It will also allow a bigger image of your controller and it might even support 2 part controllers with two different images. Anyways...it is going to be done in C#. If you want to help just reply.


  • So far ive seen how to install games using alcohol but daemon tools is a bit different. can you show us how to install usin deamon tools and what if you dont have xp. im using windows me. iie checked my reginal setting and see no japanese langueage just the country. where can i get the japanese lagnuage option installed for the regianl settings for windowsME?
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