Rapid Application Development tool (Data-Entry Forms Wizard)


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EazyCode is a Rapid Application Development tool (Data-Entry Forms Wizard) which generates VB.Net database manipulation application in various visual and navigational formats. It turns Studio .NET design and development into a simple and eazy job. This lifecycle tool helps you design, develop and maintain database applications.

Generates open-source and error-free code complete with navigation, validation and SQL statements & stored-procedures for VB.Net 2005 & 2008 from SQL Server 2000 & 2005.

Converts database entities such as customers, products, orders, invoices, etc. into smart graphical user interfaces to add, update, delete and view data from the database.

Automatically generates critical valildation like 'null value not allowed', 'duplicate Record', 'date validation', 'only integer value allowed', 'only double value allowed' etc.

Save tons of development time generating reliable code that do all the data validation, persistence and retrieval. Generates up to 100% bug-free code. This means your testing time is significantly reduced because you mostly need to test just your own hand-written code.

Helps finish the development of an application more quickly and with less testing effort. Application programmers can focus on business logic.

Generated code meets the highest standards of coding practices. It is clean, well-structured and optimized for speed and performance.

Maintaning code is no longer a tough and exausting experience. Simply, add/delete the database fields as required and re-generate the code.

Extremely easy to use. Just connect to a database, select a layout you want to use, set the generator options, and click the "Generate Code" button. In many cases you even don
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