How to Detect a Barcode's Labels in Image

Hi Guys,

I have a problem in C#, really need a help,

The problem is, i have an Image (Big Image), an inside the Image there is a many Barcode's Labels, and, i want to detect the Barcode's Labels in that image, and create some rectangle and save all the Barcode's Labels in different Image, the purpose is, i want to reduce a time process for My Barcode Reader to recognize. Kindly please give me some suggestion or some sample how to do the detection.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • I tried myself to print off some of my own [link=]barcode labels[/link], but encountered many different problems, such as sofware issues and problems with the Zebra printer I was using. In the end I had pretty much gave up until a friend recommended a company to me. I called them and found them to be very reasonable and extremely helpful. They do all types of self adhesive stickers and labels.

    Hope this helps

  • not using barcode scanner to detect barcode labels ?

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