Problem with application in 2.0 (with 3.5 installed)


I have windows server 2003 and .NET 2.0. Earlier i had installed SQL Server 2005. I have a utility for file upload/download developed in .NET 2.0. It was working well and i set upload limit to 1GB by changing in machine.config file as follows.



Now i have to change my server with following configuration.
-Windows server 2003
-.NET 2.0
-SQL Server 2008
-.NET 3.5 (need for SQL Server 2008)

Now, i want to change upload limit in machine.config file as earlier (as above). But by placing such text in machine.config file, it gives an error in my .NET application.
Further more, by changing 'AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed' in metabase.xml file, IIS Service failed to resume.

Anybody have any idea!!?

Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    Did you try to maintain these values in the config file of your application?

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