Outlook 2003 for managing subscribers

I am new to programing and have dabbled in c yrs ago.
However,i manage a subscription list in outlook and its a pain to manage.
just wondering what programing language would allow me to do these steps below.

Please note the user subscribes on the newsletter website and i get a generic email with the

name,email and what category they like to subscribe too.In this case,being a legal area,either

criminal family or immigration law.

I have in outlook 2003, a contact list with Distribution lists for each area.
This is what i want to happen.
1)When i receive the email, it should check to make sure there are no duplicates in my list

2)Check to see if this is a new subscriber or just a user changing email address
3)Verify with another website to make sure they are still valid users in their fields.(in this

area,we check to make sure the legal ppl are indeed practicing and not layed off or something)
4)check which category they like to subscribe, either crim,fam or imm
5)Add them to the contact list and then to the distribution list of their choice.
6)If the distribution list is full, create a new one.

Well it looks like a program to me but i don't know where to start.
Any advice would be helpful.

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