Toolbar control in MFC


I have a toolbar that have a .bmp file associated at design time and one .bmp file is attachhed by calling SetHotImageList().

In short my toolbar has 2 image set 1 image is displayed for toolbutton
when that toolbutton is enabled and mouse pointer is not over it.
Second image is displayed when button is active and mouse pointer
is over it.

But when toolbutton is disables then it show image which I set at design time,only for disabled button.It works fine.

But when I replace image1 ,i.e toolbar image at designt time and for SetHotImageList().It displays a black notch instead of a disabled

Everything works fine ,except when button is disabled .
I checked dimension of the bmp files all files are of equal dimensions

I have attached two sample images 1.jpg is for new one,when button is disabled then it displays as notch and 2.jpg is old one when button is disabled .

I want to know reason ,why it happens ?
Or List of possibilities ?

Needs you help !


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