XML instead of ADO.net

Hi , everybody, Are u having a good time? I am not......
I am working on a IVR project.We have completed the design stage, now coding.

My boss said me to determine whether using XML for data manipulation will be faster than normal process( for ex ADO.net).
We r working in C#(.net) & SQL server 2005. He wants to use 2 functions :



xmlBuilder(CRecordset *rs,char* retValue) will be used to build an XML string for the recordset.
this xml string will be saved in the character array.

Then we use xmlParser(retXML,"Location",index,filename) to search or find............
retXML is the xml string saved in the char array.
I have worked in ADO.net there with in_memory database(dataset...) data handling is faster.

what do u think?

Should we use XML?

Pls reply, quick if possible.

Best of luck.
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