Techical Business Partner needed

Hotass Technical specialist needed for Partnership in new start-up business.

I am starting up a new business venture, and want to find potential investors, i.e. Venture Capital. I want to go the route of building a prototype of the software, and then pitch this to potential investors.

This is a concept that has not been done before, so there is a lot of thinking to be done around the solution, but I am sure that this could indeed become a big innovative company.
To get it off the ground, I want to partner with a Programmer, that has good technical skills, and can conceptualise an idea, that is new, into a practical solution, and design and build it to cater for new future growth.

The general type of skills we need is:
1. Understanding of GPS and tower locations on mobile phones.
2. Database design and construct
3. Multiple interfaces in and out of the solution.
4. An understanding of Google and how it works, and also pay per click.
5. Creating complex reference tables in the database to ensure clever results search results. (Think Amazon)
7. If you live on the East Coast even better.

In exchange for your commitment to get the concept up to prototype, we can negotiate a shareholding of the company.

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