The-MibShadows Game Dev.


We are currently looking to recruit 5 artists specialising in:

General 3D.
3D textures.
3D animations.
3D level design.
2D concept art, with the ability to texture.

Also needed, 2 game programmers. Competent in C++, knowledge of Quake3 engine: id tech advantageous.

Project: Obelisk.

The escape pod hatch opens, and a man hesitantly steps into an alien landscape. A vicious welcoming committee approaches, rapidly tunnelling from all sides.

His tools: A suit of body armour too big to wear and an unfamiliar gun.
His memories: None.
His name: John Obelisk.

Fight to survive the terrors of Aphious, only to return and defend it from interstellar attackers. Escape the brutal Oortian prison and flee the sentence for a crime you may have committed. Scour a derelict ship floating endlessly in a cosmic scrap yard, the unwitting prey of ravenous shadow-bound creatures. Piece together the secrets of Maverick; defend humanity from extinction; decide your future to regain your past.

Become John Obelisk.

If you are interested in joining The-Mibshadow and becoming a productive member of an active and dedicated group, send an e-mail to Detail your experience, skills and a little about yourself.

Thank you.


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