DB for ONE dummy...

Hi, guys.

I am a Access user. A VERY basic user! I only have some very dim lights about SQL...
Because I work as a freelancer and work started building up, I decided to give it a shot to be able to print out Invoices, from the Reports, instead of simple Word-made docs.

So I've done one Table where I state my Projects (Customers, Service, Prices, etc...) But my problem is right here: because I can provide at least 7 different services, I created one table stating those, so that I could put them in a form in a combo box and wouldn't have to write them all down every time I insert one.

Now I'm trying to run a query for an Invoice. Choosing all the fields I need appearing, if I chose "Service" from the Projects Tables it only shows the Service ID. If I add up the Services Tbl, selecting the field "Service" instead, the field is shown in blank.

All the data is correct, according to what I ask, only this one field I don't seem to get around it in anyway, and since I don't no much about SQL... I have also chosen the "Join Properties" by the way. It only alternates between the blank fields and replicated fields, as many times as the number of services I provide.

I know this must sound stupid to you guys, and I bet once I discover what's missing I am probably going to knock my head on the wall thinking that it was so close it could of bit my stupidity :)

Please, can someone give me a helping hand?


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