Html parsing with mshtml. offsets (offsetLeft etc.) always are zero

Hello. I want to learn positions of all elements on a page. I do so:

[code] public class MsHtmlSharpParser {

IHTMLDocument2 htmlDocument;
public HtmlTreeNode htmlTree;

public MsHtmlSharpParser() {
htmlDocument = new HTMLDocumentClass();
public void LoadContent(string content) {
htmlDocument.write(new object[] { content });
htmlTree = new HtmlTreeNode((IHTMLDOMNode)htmlDocument.body);

public class HtmlTreeNode {
public IHTMLDOMNode htmlDomNode;
public List children;

internal HtmlTreeNode(IHTMLDOMNode htmlElement) {
this.htmlDomNode = htmlElement;
children = new List();
IHTMLDOMChildrenCollection collection = (IHTMLDOMChildrenCollection)htmlElement.childNodes;
int i1, n1 = collection.length;
children.Add(new HtmlTreeNode((IHTMLDOMNode)collection.item(i1)));

public void GetAbsolutePosition(out int x, out int y, out int width, out int height) {
if (htmlDomNode is IHTMLElement) {
x = 0;
y = 0;
x = ((IHTMLElement)htmlDomNode).offsetLeft;
y = ((IHTMLElement)htmlDomNode).offsetTop;

IHTMLElement offsetParent = ((IHTMLElement)htmlDomNode).offsetParent;
IHTMLDOMNode parentNode = htmlDomNode.parentNode;

while (offsetParent != null) {
x += offsetParent.offsetLeft;
y += offsetParent.offsetTop;
parentNode = ((IHTMLDOMNode)offsetParent).parentNode;
offsetParent = offsetParent.offsetParent;
width = ((IHTMLElement)htmlDomNode).offsetWidth;
height = ((IHTMLElement)htmlDomNode).offsetHeight;
} else
x = y = width = height = -1;

I call LoadContent to load html page and parse it. It works successifully, the object tree is built. But if I try to call GetAbsolutePosition, I will see that offsetHeight, offsetWidth, offsetLeft and offsetTop always return zero. Why is it so and how to solve this problem?

Thank you.
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