5 Steps of Configuration Management Functionalities

[link=http://mariacher.pbwiki.com/f/CMMI_CM_5steps.pdf]5 STEPS OF CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONALITIES[/link]


Now more than ever, companies want to faster deliver better and cheaper products. Last years, Some Industry best practices have started to emerge to help companies to achieve these goals by improving processes in their organization. Among others, CMMI is a recognized industry best practice. An important CMMI process area specific to software development projects is Configuration Management. Configuration Management has 2 main aspects, each having their own dedicated tools:
1. Source files and release configuration management.
2. Change request management affecting file and release management.

This technical paper describes different Configuration Management functionality steps and their ability to address series of Configuration Management related questions. It will be shown that it is not tools functionalities themselves that make the difference between Configuration Management functionality steps but the level of integration between those 2 kinds of tools.

Eric Mariacher



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