help with integrating formula

Im tying to programme the formula which is attatched but im not sure how to do the integration part.
Could someone please let me know where im making mistakes and also could you please help me with the integration part.
This is my attemp so far:

% Constants
a1 = 2.6;
a2 = 3;
r1 = 3.6;
r2 = 4;
d = 0.4;
h1 = 0.349;
h2 = 0.349;
u0 = 4.0*pi*1.0e-7;

k = 0:5000000

S1 = (besselj(0,k*r2)-besselj(0,k*r1))/k

S2 = (besselj(0,k*a2)- besselj(0,k*a1))/k

Q = (2/k)*(h1+(exp(-k*h1)-1)/k)

%first part before integration
F = (u0*pi)/(h1*h2*log(r2/r1)*log(a2/a1))

T = (S1.*(S2.*Q.*exp(-k*0)))
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