problem solving

can anyone help me to look this program??
by using C

Module A (Algorithm and Programming): Multiple-Choice Analysis Report
An inter-school mathematics competition, in the form of multiple-choice questions, has been organised. The
answer sheets for participants are read and converted into a text file using an Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
Imagine you are a programmer. You are going to develop a computer program to read all raw plain text data and
produce a detailed analysis report on the competition. The analysis report should include:
?? Total number of participants, total number of participating schools and total number of participant(s) from
each participating school
?? Winners of individual awards and school awards
?? Question analysis, such as the percentage correct for each question
Candidates are required to write a program to generate the analysis report. The coursework should:
?? Describe the raw plain text data files, including the keys of the multiple-choice questions and their format
?? Define the competition regulations, such as individual awards and school awards
?? Display a clear analysis report
Candidates should be aware of the reusability of the program design and justify the use of any data structures and
algorithms in the implementation.

i hv done the caclulate the correct mark can i connect it..
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