java or C++ to search directories and subdirctories

Hi all

I started to write programms 3/4 jear ago.. . and need some idea how I can do smt.

I should write a programm that searchs in all directories and subdirectories files and prints them with their path, size, date into a txt file. but the date is not the date when it was created. just think like: I copied one folder with many subfolders which have many subfolders and so on, from machine A, and paste them to machine B. on machine B i will run this program which prints the path, size and THE DATE WHEN IT WAS PASTED!!! is this possible to find this out?

if yes, which language is better? java o c++. for me it doesnt matter as i'm new to both.

i can you give me good clues to write this program?

for expl: which libraries and funtions i can use.. so that it is as easy for me as possible....

thank you all who read this...

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