Registry WindowsNT keys

I am thinking of using the following Windows registry keys

HKLMSoftwareWindows NTCurrrentVersionDigitalProductID
HKLMSoftwareWindows NTCurrrentVersionProductID

- along with some other information - to create a unique installation identifier for some of my applications. The scheme I have created works perfectly but I haven't got a clue just is stored in those two keys and whether I can rely on that information to be relatively static. I noticed in passing that

HKLMSoftwareWindows NTCurrrentVersionLicenceInfo actually changes with every reboot and that


is exactly the same as its Windows NT couterpart. I would be much obliged to anyone who can shed some light on the contents of these entries - and particularly whether I can rely on the first two I mention being static (barring system software/hardware updates).
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