LED board and serial port

hi all;
this is my first post;
first i must say sorry for my english language :-p
i wana make program that controlng my serial prot output
i use a flat 9 wire cable and bind it to 9 pin socket then i plug in my cable to my pc-com1-port
and the other head of my cable is bind with (220 O resistor and LED) x 4
(its mean 4 wire of my cable join with a resistor and led)
now i want sending 1 or 0 to cable wires (so if my data is 1 led must on and else it must become off)

i must bind my wire to what pins?
where is my GND(what pin)?
How can i control my LEDs status with asmbly language(masm)?
(its mean how can i send my bits string such as
00001111 to port that ment pin1=off pin2=off pin3=off pin4=off and pin5=on pin6=on pin7=on pin8=on
im using win 2003 sp2
sorry sorry sorry sorry for my english again :D

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