If you want to be a game programmer, don't stop, start now.

Hi, I would like to share my knowledge as a game programmer, really
game programming is hard, I don't want to disappoint you, the
important point to become a game programmer is to love game
programming, this way you will reach your target, also you need to be
patient, don't stop on the half of the road, like you are building a
great building and when you leave it like you destroy what you built,
sure because what you learn needs a practice to keep it fresh in your
mind otherwise you will forget what you learn, I start learning c++ as
a programming language then win32Api, this prepare the road for game
programming, I chose direct x, also while I'm learning I make a pause
why???? do you know why? because I saw that I must have a base before
I dive into direct x, this base is the mathematics.
I learned the important math for game, then I continued direct x, then
I saw that I need people to help me providing scene meshes, characters
to animate, well it's not so easy to get them, also the internet has a
free models, you can take a benefit of this, but I didn't let this to
be a nightmare for me, I learned modeling, texturing (photoshop),
rigging and character animation with maya, also I learned to combine
the great benefit from using zbrush to add details to the characters
and also for texturing, also I used 3ds max, but my main 3d package is

And finally building 3d game engine that you can modify, use into your
own game.

[color=Blue]Great luck !
[link=http://gptutors.com]Game programming tutorials[/link]
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