EldhaMUD Game Development

Team name: Eldhamud Game Development

Project name: The Oriental Dojo

Brief description: The Oriental Dojo is a factional based Chinese martial arts Pk intense game. There are 4 element based factions, 8 classes, 6 races. It is inspired by Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan martial arts, religion, philosophy and mythology. The story is set in the realm of Engen Wu. The First Emperor of Engen Wu built mighty Engen Wu Academy. A place where for warriors from all over the realm can come to train and focus their fighting abilities and to also battle it out with each other. Some of smaller nations that surround Engen Wu feel threatened by its presence and also feel a loss of honor by not being invited to send their best warriors to study there, they have invaded the lands that surround the Academy. They harass and attack any student of The Academy who they can get their hands on.

Target aim: Casual Gamers, Text Gamers, Web Gamers.

Compensation: Nil, This game is 100% free, using technology licensed not for profit.

Technology: C, EldhaMUD Game Engine

Talent needed:
Builders/Zone Editors: Suitable applicants would require a solid understanding of English spelling and grammar, posses mature outlook and an ability to work independently, be creative and possess good communications skills.

Sound Artist: Should be able to produce sound effects for spells and skills, atmospheric effects and music.

Coder: Possess an understanding of the C programming language, be familiar with tools like GDB, SVN, Valgrind and Flint. Must be mature have a good work ethic and be able to be able to work independently, and have good communication skills.

Team structure:
The_Fury: Lead Developer, Designer, Head Coder.
Havok: Coder, Designer.

fury AT oriental AT orientaldojo DOT net
Telnet: orientaldojo.net 8000

Additional Info:
Game Client images http://www.orientaldojo.net/page.php?10

Game Features:
** 30 player levels, with optional rebirth.
** Alignment based classes and races.
** 4 Factions: Death, Life, Growth and Decay.
** Realm based skills and Spells: Fire, Water, Air and Nature.
** Tiered skills, you progress so do they. 6 tiers in all.
** 2 schools of combat, Physical and Mental.
** Overland ANSI maps full of monsters.
** Instanced Quest Zones.
** Free player houses with built in item locker and practice dummy.
** Regular events, quests, dbl exp, quad damage.
** Full MIP implementation, fully supports the Portal GT Client, with in game sounds and images.
** Wearable tattoos.
** Class based armors and weapons that only your class can wear.
** Items re-stringer, to individualize your gears.

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