javascript menus

Can anyone help me modify this code to word in netscape and IE together. it works in IE but no dice on Netscape.


document.onmouseover = openIt

function openIt() {

var items = 5 ;

currEl = window.event.toElement

if (currEl.className == "barItem") {

newId = + "box"

showBox = document.all(newId) = "block"


for (i=1; i<=items; i++) {<br>
openItem="item" + i + "box"

elOpen = document.all(openItem)

if (( == "block")&&(elOpen != showBox)) = "none"

if (currEl.className == "closeIt") { = "none" }






  • Well, my guess is because you are using css correct? I don't know why, but some style sheets work in netscape and some don't. One time i tried to use a drop menu type thing and it wouldn't work in netscape because of the style sheets in it.

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