Outlook Script : Help!!


Can anyone help me please? I added Custom Menu items in Outlook and coded

this procedure for one of the menu items. I want to change the state of the

menu item (Checked/Unchecked). The same code works well in Visual Basic and

does not work in script-editor. I just can't access the command bar or the

controls in it thru' script. I tried the commented lines also Please tell

me what's wrong in this piece of code?

Function PreviewSub()

set CmdBars=Application.ActiveInspector.CommandBars


For I = 1 to CtlCnt

set CurCtl=CmdBars.Controls.Item(I)

Msgbox CurCtl.Caption


'Set mypopup = CommandBars("CmdBarName")

'msgbox mypopup.Controls("MenuCaption").caption


'mypopup.Controls("MenuCaption").State = NOT mypopup.Controls("MenuCaption").State

'If mypopup.Controls("MenuCaption").State = -1 Then 'msoButtonDown

' mypopup.Controls("MenuCaption").State = 0 ''msoButtonUp


' mypopup.Controls("MenuCaption").State = -1 'msoButtonDown

'End If

End Function

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