Demand for unified communication

Dear developer community,

After some time of abstinence from active programming (almost two years) I am planning to start over again with a product idea that I have in mind. My idea is to provide a common, unified, and seamless communication layer that would enable all of us to leverage telephony services in any of our applications. Everything that would be required is some form of Internet connection. The communication layer could be deployed on the PC, any mobile device capable to open a socket or http connection, and any set-top-box that would feature similar capability (http or socket). While I plan to provide the communication layer mostly for free, I am still looking for the value of such communication layer. Thus, I have two questions and kindly ask you for your opinion. Please do not discuss about sense or non-sense of such communication layer. I am well aware that there is alternative technology out there. Yet, I think I have some unique value propositions to offer, which (you might understand) I do not want to share at this moment of time.

[b]Question 1) What is the level of your willingness to pay for the following set of communication (-related) features. Please answer with "low", "medium", "high" for any of the following features.
(a) End-user profile management
(b) End-user authentication
(c) End-user credit management (i.e. managing credits the user of your application has to e.g. send short messages, to voice calls, or even pay content)
(d) Viral/push distribution of applications
(e) Remote wake-up of applications
(f) User presence, status and availability
(g) In-session' activities (incl. groupcast) (i.e. establish a communication channel with the peer(s) and then decide what to do with this channel, e.g. exchanging files, doing a voice conversation, running a text chat, or everything together)
(h) Off-line messaging (i.e. sending short messages)
(i) On-line (instant) messaging
(j) VoIP-to-VoIP and VoIP-to-PSTN
(k) Cross-community communication (i.e. integration of the different protocols used for e.g. for instant messaging)

[b]Question 2) What is the level of your willingness to pay for above listed communication (-related) features in different application types. Please answer with "low", "medium", "high" for any of the following features.
(a) Infotainment
(b) Gaming
(c) Mass entertainment (e.g. movies, music, adult)
(d) Social networking
(e) Group ware
(f) CRM and other Enterprise applications
(g) Online commerce
(h) Tools & Platforms (e.g. Eclipse, but also bulletin boards, etc.)
(i) Service providers (e.g. web hosters that would provide the communication layer for you)

Thank you very much for your participation.

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