Problem while updating through ADOQuery in Delphi.

I am facing problem while updating through ADOQuery in Delphi.

MarksSheetKey_PK Number,
English Number,
Math Number,
Science Number

MarksSheetKey_FK Number,
Roll No Number,
Year Number,
IsAttended Number

I want to insert the students subject marks on the basis of whether he is appearing for first time in exam or second time. If he is appearing for first time new record should be inserted into the MARKS table and generated primary key should be updated in the STUDENT_MARK_SHEET table foreign key field.

Else if appearing for second time then update directly the respective marks in the MARKS table using the foreign key value in STUDENT_MARK_SHEET table.

Now I am using databound control bounded with ADOQuery. When I go for above updation then the ADOQuery does not show the inserted value in the databound field.

It shows the value by using requery method of ADOQuery but i dont want to use Requery method as this will causes performance issue and flickering due to repeated updation.
Is there any way to accompalish this task, please suggest.

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