Full Real-Mode Program by Wyatt (learners)

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Author: Allen L. Wyatt
Date: 3/21/92
Assembler: MASM 6.0

Purpose: Display the status of the keyboard buffer, but use
Int 15/4F to intercept keys, instead of intercepting
Int 09.

Format: KEYLOOK2


Head EQU 01Ah
Tail EQU 01Ch
Buffer EQU 01Eh
BuffStart EQU 080h
BuffEnd EQU 082h

EscScan EQU 01h ;Keypress to exit program
DelScan EQU 3Bh ;Keypress to delete from buffer
ClrScan EQU 3Ch ;Keypress to clear buffer

.MODEL small
.STACK ;Default 1Kb stack is OK
ExitFlag DB 00
ClearFlag DB 00
PopFlag DB 00
OldDiff DW 0000

Screen DB 'Pair # 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F '
DB '
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