Hi there dudes
I wrote an xml (with its dtd) and an xsl files, both valid. When i load directly xml file in my pc, all goes right, also using different browsers.
Infact xsl instructions are able to create an html page as i want.
The problem is that i uploaded the two files on a hosting site (which maintain my webpage) and i need to create an html from xml+xsl everytime i click a link.
To do this i coded an Ajax script which get xml and xsl files, do the transformations and then show results.
That works on Opera, Firefox and Safari. IE fails.
IE gets correctly the two files (i check this) but, when it aplly xsl to xml using 'xml.tansformNode(xsl)', jumps all directive (or maybe IE thinks that are all false) consequently creates an html showing xml parts outside this directive.
So my problem is that html is generated but is incomplete.
If someone needs code, please tell me because i've got to cut it (too many rows)

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