Need Coder and 3D Animator for a HL2 Mod

Bleach: Soul Slayer (BSS) - HL2 Mod (free mod) [link=][/link]

BSS is a Mod with intentions of making a nice game of the anime Bleach
(all the other games sucks ... or well, it's platform... ffs)

We have many ideas.
so far 3 (4) game modes, DM, TDM, and hollow chase. (DM / TDM)
which goal is: kill as many hollows before the time runs out etc, for tdm and dm, it is possible to involve normal fighting, ex gods vs hollows and arrancars
To give the game a taste of difference, we want a skill system, then at level 5 there is 120 different versions of the same charecter. and it will give another meaning to the word "tactics" for the game, chad is stong, giving him a lot of speed, will make you attack him different than before.

We have also though of makin the sword system like in dark massiash, it would make it more realistisk, and not only skills will be a strenght or vurnability, but also the fighting style will have much larger impact on the game.

For animating.

We haven't been able to find an animator for a long time, so the animation of charecters are way behind.
but don't worry, we won't dump them all on you at start.


We will first begin on making the sword system for the beta,when the alpha is done

for the alpha we hope to make one single ki attack, that is just for testing

We currently have 2 moddelers, me as mapper (we might get one in very soon) a sound artist and mod leader, 2d artist, a guy who is workin hard in his real life, for PR and Website.

We hope to see some developers joinin the mod team soon, and to gain more members for our forum.
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