explorer type program....

Hi all I am looking for a programmer that can do the following:


1) Users will have an explorer like GUI.
2) users will be able to upload files to a particular folder. These files will be typically documents.
3)will have an admin area i.e a control panel from which admins. can change the names of folders, add new folders and set deadlines to upload items in folders for users, rename folders and delete folders as well as files.
4) Users will be able to see a color change when they need to upload items to the system, then a color change when the user uploads an item to the system and again a color change to indicate that the administrator has checked the item.
5)Administrators will get an email when the user uploads an item, if an item has not been uploaded by the deadline, users will also recieve emails as to when the item is about to be due and when it is late if not uploaded.
6) Create a LOG of users activities in the system with respect to login, upload of file and download of file.
7) This application will be for multiple users, some of which will be able to view most files, while others will only be able to view a portion of the group of files. As will other members be able to view entireliy different files and folders.

Don't have any examples of this project.

Had another programmer start the project and had qouted me a set price, and a set date, the date has lapsed by 2 months now and still have not heard from him, am trying to get this thing completed soon.


Contact me @ ncormier85@gmail.com
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