First Program - First Error

1. I am trying to create my first extremely simple C++ program that simply types "Never fear, C++ is here!".
2. Working with DJGPP.
3. Able to compile a file called "print1.cpp" successfully.
4. When i run "Build All" and try to create "print1.exe" i get a bunch of
errors, starting with:

warning c:/djgpp/bin/ld.exe warning: cannot find entry symbol start; defaulting to 000011e8

followed by dozens of errors, starting with:

error c:/djgpp/bin/../lib/gcc-libdjgpp/3.34/libstdcxx.a(ostream-inst.o) gnu.linkonce.t.......

Can anyone please help me?


  • I would personally recommend getting a more recent compiler... Borland Builder, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, there are alot of options.


    The warning from ld is simply saying that it cannot find the entry point routine inside of your code. Normally this would be main ().

    I cant help with the error as you have not posted the full message.

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