arrays and random numbers

a method/function which will sum the rows. if a row is greater than maximum number, decrement a member of the row until the sum drops to maximum
//this is the code i have

public void decrement(int maximum)
int rowposition = 0, colposition = 0;

for (int Sum_Rows = 0; Sum_Rows < rows; Sum_Rows++)
if (rowsum[rows] > maximum)
rowposition = getRandomNumber(values[rows][rowposition]);
}while ((rowsum[rows] != maximum));//end do while
}//end if
}//end for
}//end decrement method


  • [code]
    }while ((rowsum[rows] != maximum));//end

    Just one comment from me at this time. I would change the "!=" to ">" so that the check includes all values greater than maximum instead of just equal to.

    Take Care,
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