VBA Excel comparing large cells

I need to compare cells (in different files made in Excel 2003) holding > 255 characters. I'm using a loop on the one hand to compare each of those cells to a 'Set' range of cells (CompRng) in the other sheet and this works all perfectly fine as long as those cells do not exceed 255 chars.
I used eg, WorksheetFunction.Countif(CompRng, Cells(r, c)) = 0 to take action when No match is found; or ISNA(Match); or a plain loop comparing the Cell(r,c) to each of the cells in the range defined before (CompRng) in the other sheet, and this all works correctly with cells containing <=255 chars.
The problem is that none of the above methods or functions work when the cells > 255 chars: than a match is never found, despite the fact that most cells are identical...

Any method via VBA to correctly compare those cells having > 255 chars??

Thanks, Jules
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