problem with passing variables through asp pages


I have got a problem when sending variables from one page to another. I have this problem with my own site. But I also encounter this same problem when I try this simple example on my system:

name2 = "The name I want"
'or name2 = recordsetobject("name"). Yes you can get info from DB
phone2 = "1232131221"

&phone=<%=phone2%>" target="_self" >


gotname = request.querystring("name")
gotphone = request.querystring("phone")

Most strings don't give problems. But when I do try to send a string which has a + sign in it or a & sign these signs disappear when I pass them to another page. For example when I have got these string: [b]S.O. 1.1 + 1.2[/b] I will lose the + sign when I pass it through! I will remain [b]S.O. 1.1 1.2[/b] of this string! Can you help me out on this?!

Thanking you in advance for your answer.

Regards, Ad. Verschuren
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