TCP/IP - How do I use the winsock or wsock32 DLLs?


After quite a bit of poking and prodding my computer (and cussing and talking lovingly)...

Attached is the module, and this is the buttom I'm using for testing:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
'ip.text is a text box that contains ""
MsgBox HostByAddress(ip.Text)
MsgBox HostByName(HostByAddress(ip.Text))
MsgBox InetAddrStringToLong(ip.Text)
MsgBox InetAddrLongToString(InetAddrStringToLong(ip.Text))
End Sub do I connect to anything and listen and talk to it? In case it matters, it is proprietary equipment; the data is not in any particular format or protocol I don't think. I can see it in Hyperterm. I just want the data raw for post-processing.
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