Getting problem in inserting and updating data in MS access

Hi All.

i made a small application in ms access to add and modify data and im using that application in multiuser network. but im getting the error message "cannot update, record locked". im using the following code. kindly suggest me urgently to remove the error message and to save data successfully.

rs.Open "DETAIL_DATA", CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic

rs!opp_no = Trim(Text0.Value)
rs!company = UCase(Trim(Text2.Value))
rs!in_date = Trim(Text30.Value)
rs!in_time = Trim(Text7.Value)
Set rs = Nothing


  • It is very small problem to solve it instantly please contact me at for your kind information i am a software developer and used to do this type of coding daily.
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