Programmer from Poland looking for a job in EU

I am a programmer with wide a range experience in software development for various areas of applications. At present my main area of interest is JAVA, I also use PERL. Perl is fine. Among other programming languages I know COBOL (five-year experience).
Eager to learn something new.

Good programming practices (readable style, comments, documentation ...).

General English language skills assessed as upper-intermediate. No communication problems concerned with my profession. I can read and write documentation, of course.

I am a non-smoker and non-drinker.
Long-term contracts are preferrred.

Skype: igor_j_pl (chat mode preferred)

Programmeur de Pologne (Varsovie). Logiciels, la technologie par le langage JAVA (JSP) et d'utiliser le langage PERL. Les infos sur moi par email.
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