why use assembly?

Why do people still manually code in the assembly language? Is extra efficiency and control the main reasons?

There are high level languages that seem to be much faster to develop with, easier to maintain, debug, and seem better for making code easy to understand. Why continue using the assembly language when these other languages seem to solve the same problems?

What is the most interesting kind of technology that you think is best done with assembly? Is it a kind of robot? Is it part of a computer game?


  • -Some low level features can only be done in assembly language. (Some not even inline assembly.)

    -Some software require to be written in assembly language do to envirement reasons (ie; Bios, boot loaders, embedded systems, etc...)

    There are alot of different reasons but the above is my primary two. For the most part I stick with C++, but there are some areas that simply require assembly language do to restrictions of high level languages.

  • it the fastest

    when real time or performance is your concern
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