Radio button defaulting.

Hi Delphi Gurus,

I need small help from you guys on radio buttons.

I have 2 radio buttons called as R/C and C/R. This is in the context of Foreign Exchange calculations.

When the form comes up one of the radio buttons gets defaulted. Suppose for the sake of argument if R/C is defaulted when the form comes up there are various foreign echange calculations based on the the radio button selected.

If i click C/R radio button all the calculations on the screen needs to be inverted. This is fine as i have to check whether C/R is checked and invert the values.

The problem arises when i click on R/C radio button again. it's actually not holding the default values and it actually inverts the C/R's values and shows rather than showing the R/C's default values.

Could anyone tell me a proper solution for inverting the calculations correctly ?
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