AnsiString Handling in C++ Builder

Hello all, I am new to this group. I've been away from cppb for some time and am now working on a new small programming project, using cppb 5 and ran into a little problem with how to handle String variables. One issue I was having was how to get the string length, or number of chars, of the text in an Edit control. I found a site with a page that answered most of my immediate needs and seems to be a pretty good reference to the most common AnsiString handling questions in BCCP Builder and thought I would share it here in the hopes it might help some one else thats either new to bcppb, or just rusty like I am.


  • AnsiString is equal to C++ standard strings. Borland just made the really dumb mistake of renaming it.
  • thanks for contribution
    i learned many things from that site when i was beginner
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