Need Direction Please.....


I'm Laxs from Indonesia. I want to ask about how to make good starting point to learn 32bit Embedded System. Like Linux, winCE, PPC, ARM and another devices.

Currently I'm doing Smartcard OS porting to different microprocessor. make custom bootloader and OS modification.

So, where I must start? I plan to use Samsung S3C2440A SBC. it is already included bootloader and linux system, I mean it is ready to run......
I'm little confused with this condition.
If the SBC is ready to run, what must i do with this SBC?
some people tell me to try driver development.... it is good starting point?

I'm usually create system scheduler, interrupt handler, SIO handler, memory interfacing, and device low level function...

where i can found this on stuff like Samsung S3C2440A SBC? it is good starting point?


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