dynamically populating data report

hey guys! this suppose to be my first post.
im almost done with my project and im stucked in creating a report using data report

here's my code:

public sub cmdOk_click()
On Error Resume Next

Dim name, manager, address, contact, boat, boatname, status As String

Call showEmpInfo
With showEmpRS
'If .State = adStateOpen Then
.Open "SELECT * from showEmployee"

name = !comp_name
address = !comp_add
contact = !comp_cont
manager = !comp_manager
boatname = !emp_on_board
status = !emp_status

boatname = cboBoatName.Text

MsgBox boatname

With reportEmployee

Set .DataSource = showEmpRS
.DataMember = showEmpRS.DataMember

Set reportLabel1 = .Sections("Section4").Controls
Set reportlabel2 = .Sections("Section2").Controls
Set reportField = .Sections.Item("Section1").Controls

reportlabel2("lblCompName").Caption = name
reportlabel2("lblCompAdd").Caption = address
reportlabel2("lblCompCont").Caption = contact
reportlabel2("lblCompOwner").Caption = manager
reportlabel2("lblBoat").Caption = boatname

reportField("txtId").DataField = "emp_id"
reportField("txtEmpName").DataField = "emp_name"
reportField("txtEmpAdd").DataField = "emp_add"
reportField("txtEmpCont").DataField = "emp_cont"
reportField("txtEmpPos").DataField = "emp_position"
reportField("txtEmpPart").DataField = "emp_partida"

End With 'end of 'with' report

End With 'end of 'with' recordset

Exit Sub
End Sub

when i run my project i got this compile error:

Set [color=Blue]reportLabel1 [/color]= .Sections("Section4").Controls

and tells me that "[color=Blue]reportLabel1[/color]" is not defined!

can anybody please help me fix this up?
thanks in advance..

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