Looking to build a Team for Multiple Projects

Good day, and thank you for taking a moment to read this post.

We are looking to get a group of people together for multiple projects ranging from SaaS project managament and help desk to online games. Experts are not really desired, what We are looking for are people that know the basics in one or two of the catagories, willing to learn more, and don't mind stepping forward with their own ideas.

We are not looking for people that have to be told what to do at every step, we are looking for people that have initiative! People that want to get noticed and pick up some experience along the way.

Once the team becomes more solidified, and members have their own projects they want to put forth, they can and would have the support of the team in their projects.

Please take the time to go to the following URL:

Read the "Wanted: A Few Good Peoples" post to see if you have any of the skill sets that we are looking for.

Very important! Do NOT respond to the post directly, instead create a new thread using the username that you will register as the title. Put in the body whatever you think you can contribute to the team. THEN register with the username you used as the title for the post you made.

Do not provide personal information such as your phone numbers or email addresses as this forum is open to the whole world and there for anything you post can potentially be used by unknown parties.
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