POSTFIX help wanted

Hi all
I am a novice Linux user. We use IBM Universe BASIC on a Linux platform.
An administrator configured POSTFIX, then I googled until I figured out how to use the thing, manually. Now I'm trying to send email from a Universe program. It almost works perfectly. Here is the source code:

DATA "."
EXECUTE 'SH -c "nail -r -s testing123"'

DATA will put "keyboard input" on a stack, until the system 'prompts' for it, and then it just takes it from the stack. The first DATA is just an ENTER keypress, the second is supposed to be CTRL-D, but the full stop does the same, except that is does not attach junk to the email.
Instead, the message body contains ".", which is fine kind of, but I would like it to be 100%.
It's almost like when the Linux shell runs, it does not care anymore about DATA or any other Universe command, because control is now at a different level. To be honest, I'm not even sure why the "." works.
Anyone, how can I 'feed' the CTRL-D along with the rest of the email data to the Linux level (oterwise it just hangs, waiting for it..)??
I know this is kind of a weird one, but any insights or advice would be great.
Thanks a lot


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