Exam project


I would like to create the following windows front end application but am unsure of which software would be best to do the following:


Exam project:

I have eight modules (exam questions). Each module is an .exe file which opens in full screen. The user then answers the interactive questions. At the moment, they are all separate exe files.

Firstly, I would like to be able to display these modules as thumbnails in a full screen application. (forgive my poor illustrations)

() () () ()

() () () ()


The user then selects which module to open and the module opens within the front end GUI. The user then does the selected interactive exam.


Exam questions
inside GUI


If the user successfully completes the exam then they are returned back to the main GUI menu. The completed exam thumbnail will be marked with a tick and the user will be unable to select the completed exam.

If the user fails, or quits, then they are returned back to the main GUI menu and the uncompleted exam thumbnail will show the number of attempts.

This continues until all exam modules are completed. The user can save their progress only at the menu so they do not have to complete all the
modules at once. However, once a module is started, they can only complete or quit.


I have some programming experience but not much in Windows/desktop. In order for the thumbnails to show whether the exam is completed or not would the results be written to a data file, then read by the GUI menu?

Also, is it possible to bundle all of this up into one .exe application. The modules cannot be accessed as individual files.

Finally, with Vista, many types of exe files require administrators permission, would this be the case with each module as they are selected?

I am looking at buying Visual basic 6 professional, would this be the best choice?

I am willing to put the work in but would appreciate assistance in choosing the best software to get the results.


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