Wvdial problem

Hi guys i am new user of linux but this is not my first post to this forum .I have posted approximately 20 posts earlier in c++.I have returned to this forum after approx. 7 -8 months .I was having an important exam .I have installed red hat linux in my computer .But i cannot connect to the net in a linux platform.I have a phone which is like one of those nokia phone which can be connected to the usb port to connect to the net .The phone is Tata Indiacom an indian mobile privider. I downloaded a wadial and wvstreams.I uncompressed the wvstreams and wvdial with the command
[code]tar xvzf wvdial-1.60 [/code]
as root .The files have been extracted to /root
Here is the file hierchy of my dir. in linux
In all the online tutorial about using wvdial it nis said to type
[code]wvdial /etc/wvdial.conf [/code]
but as far as i think this should be different for my linux because it wvdial.conf is situated in a different folder.I can't understand what will be the next course of action
Please guys help me to connect to the net on linux otherwise switching between linux and windows to connect to the net is very irritating
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