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I would like to recreate/revamp a game called [link=]AlterEgo[/link] that was made by Dan Fabulich. I tried to contact him for his agreement. I don't plan on making an exact copy of the work, firstly because the environment I'm working in is different and the result is going to have a different interface, and secondly because I'm removing some features and adding a couple new ones. However, since I have failed to contact Mr. Fabulich, I was wondering what copyright rules apply. Will I have to rephrase all of his text, copy it directly and credit him, or not be able to proceed at all? To what extent do I have to alter the game to make it legal? Also, does the fact that I am using some of the suggestions from the wishlist of his users come in to play at all? Please give advice!


  • Copyright is such a complex area that you had best consult a lawyer, which I am not. Generally, if what you want to do is even slightly commercial you need Mr. Fabulich's complete co-operation/consent or you are dead in the water. In the U.S. the rule established by the courts years ago is that if your program has the "look and feel" of the original then in the eyes of the law it [b]is[/b] the original. (Unfortunately, judges are not programmers and have no interest in becoming programmers.) If Mr. Fabulich has not responded to your inquiries then in the eyes of the law he has said "No!"

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